Story of Nearly Drowned Chick.

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    Oct 24, 2009
    As I was putting my chickens away (Japanese Bantams) after a few hours free ranging, I noticed a chick (the only one I have at the moment) was missing.

    I am very attacked to this little chicks as it was a 'lucky surprise'. I bought a rare colour adult hen, which had taken me many months to find. The seller only had this one hen. On way home on the bus, the hen was very noisy. When I got home after the journey I saw she had laid an egg in the cardboard transport box.

    I had no broody hens, so I put it under my broody King pigeon pair. I did not expect the egg to hatch, after being rocked about on the hour long bumpy ride home. But it hatched... and it was the same colour of the hen I got. I was so happy.

    It had a confused, but happy upbringing with the king pigeons following it abut and trying to feed it - showering it with regurgitated seed over its head!

    Now it is half grown and starting to fly up to roost (and the pigeons know it can feed itself now).

    So..... I was so upset when it vanished. I thought a snake or heron had eaten it.

    I searched the garden 2 times, and my partner was getting very annoyed with me and was waiting in the car as we were late for a doctors appointment.

    Just as I went to check I locked the chicken coop I though I could hear a faint cheeping. I waited, but nothing. As i was walking away I heard it again. I went back. Nothing. The car horn was sounding. I thought maybe it was my imagination. But as headed to leave I heard a very weak single 'cheep', and looked down to the garden fish pond. I found the poor chick with only its head and one wing above the water, it was tangled in the reeds, and the catfish were sucking it trying to pull it under!!!!

    I pulled it out, and it was stone cold, and its eyes hardly open, its head flopped back. I was sure it was going to die in my hands.

    I rushed into the house and started to dry it with paper towels, Be it was going even more floppy and lifeless and had stopped opening its eyes. I ran the warm water and washed off all the slime from the chick, holding it in my hands to make sure the water did not get too hot. Then I dried it off and put it in a box with a desk lamp over it.

    It was breathing, but floppy and had no energy. It was laying flat out with wings spread out limply, and eyes closed.

    I had to go now as the car engine was reving up. We left to go to the doctors appointment.... all the time I could not stop worrying about the chick burning as it could not move itself from under the lamp.

    After the appointment we rushed back. I saw the chick was shaking and trembeling, but still not able to move. It was cheeping weakly if I touched it. It did not even have the strength to move its wings back to its body if I spread them out to dry.

    The lamp did not seem to be warming it up enough, as it was still wet under its body. It was a hot day, so I took it outside and placed it on the warm paving stones of the driveway where the sun had been. It started to dry out much quicker in the fresh air. I got one of the king pigeons and put it next to the chick. At once the pigeon knew what it had to do.

    It gently pecked the chick a few times to try to get it to stand up. Then it realised it was too weak and shaking, so it just started brooding it there in the middle of the driveway!

    The were both there 3 hours till sunset. The chick still could not walk or stand up, but it was dry and its eyes were open and it was constantly cheeping like it was 'crying'.

    I put them both in the coop for the night. In the morning I was sure the chick would have died, or be brain damaged and not able to walk.

    I was delighted to see it running about and eating and behaving normally followed by its pigeon parents. (it did look very scruffy though)

    Its 3 days later as i write this, and the little chick is back to normal and looking great again.

    I have no idea how it ended up in the middle of the pond. In the past I have seen chicks fall in there when they were practicing flying and chasing each other about, but they always got out very quickly and easily.

    I have seem an egret at the pond (its eating all my fish). I suspect it got the chick and dropped it as it was too big to eat. Maybe it was hurt or so scared it headed to the middle of the pond and into the reeds and hid there, only to get waterlogged and pulled down by the catfish. It must have been in there for a while to get so wet and cold.

    I hope she has learnt her lesson now!!!!
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    Apr 11, 2011
    I used to use those gallon size ice cream containers as water buckets for my chickens. One day, I came home from work and found a chick floating in one. It looked very much dead, but it peeped when I picked it up. I used my hair dryer to get it fixed up (and it perked him up quick). Once he was dry, he was ready to go back out with his momma. I don't use those containers anymore [​IMG]

    Glad your chick is ok.
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    OMG that is sooo sad! [​IMG]

    Glad to hear the chick is back to her normal self :)
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    Glad you found it in time! I've had chicks that were already cold & comatose from getting caught in the rain and a blow dryer recharges them quickly.

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