Story of rescued hen (with pics), can you tell me anything about her??

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  1. Hi, everyone! [​IMG]

    Warning: This is a long post!!!

    I rescued Andily from behind a cafe' in a small town around here full of chickens. My boyfriend and I had stepped inside to have a bite to eat, and since I had been holding chickens all day I went to the bathroom to wash my hands. The bathroom was outside, and when I went around to the side of the building, I saw a bunch of chicks following their mamas to the alley behind the cafe'. I followed them through the gate to watch them and explore yet another chicken-filled area of the little town.

    As I looked around, I caught a glimpse of a large bird far back in an old shelf used to store mop buckets and patio chairs. I knelt down to look at her hiding at the very back behind the chairs and buckets. It was a pretty tight space and I had to stretch to touch her. She didn't struggle or try to escape. She simply cowered there in the dark. As my eyes adjusted, I saw that she had a large patch of bare skin on her back, caked thick with dried blood.

    I went immediately back into the cafe' and found my boyfriend. I pulled him outside and around to the back alley to show him. I told him she needed rescuing, but he kept saying, "I think she's okay, sweetie." As we stood there discussing the situation, one of the roosters walked up to her, leaned way in toward her, and pecked her wound mercilessly while she tried in vain to cower farther back in the shelf. That was it. I moved the chairs and lifted her carefully up, hugging her to me. She had found the farthest, most isolated corner in the park, in the smallest crevice she could find to hide in, and still she hadn't been able to find any peace.

    My boyfriend knew then that we had a second chicken. When I had gotten her into the car and calmed her down, I got a chance to look at her better. I was shocked to find just how extensive her wounds were. I had only been able to see an injury about one by two inches, but as I lifted her feathers, I found a featherless, bloody, crusted mess almost as big as my whole hand. When we got her home, my boyfriend gave her water, and she drank for almost ten minutes straight. She was still drinking when her craw was full and water began flowing out of her mouth every time she put her head down. I don't know how long she must have been without water.

    My mother and I were very concerned her feathers would never grow back in that area due to the fact that the wound was practically down to the fat, like a severe burn. After several days of intensive cleaning and medicating the wound, the feathers began to grow in. It's been about four weeks now, and the feathers are almost completely grown back. You'd never be able to tell how bad she's had it!!

    My mother took a few pictures my mother took in the park that day before we took her home. Her wound was facing me in these shots so you can't see it. (I considered taking before and after shots to see how she healed, but it was too horrible.)

    Here's one my mother took that day in which you can see Andily pretty well. She looks so terrified here, she doesn't look that way now.


    Another of she and I, she looking less terrified.


    My uncle (holding my silkie, Brigid), my dad feeding Andily while I held her, and my boyfriend. (You can see village chickens in the background!!) [​IMG]


    I'm not so good at telling breeds, and although she looks like an older bird, I can't tell how old. My only thought as to what che might be is an EE. Oh, I almost forgot -- she lays very light blue eggs a couple times a week, although most of them don't have shells. They're like little water balloons!! Maybe she needs more calcium?

    Any ideas what breed she is or how old she might be? [​IMG]

    Thank you to anyone who read all the way through this post!!!! [​IMG]
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    Looks like an EE.

    She probably needs some free choice calcium.

    And now the question everyone else will have so I'll just throw it out there.

    How old are you? and how old is your 'boy' friend.
  3. Hey, I feel pretty cool guessing EE and having someone here agree with me!! [​IMG]

    Thank you!! I'll try to give her the calcium, too.

    Hahaha!! Oh, I totally forgot!! I didn't think about that when I posted those pics!! [​IMG] Yeah, you're right, everyone else Has asked that.

    Well, I'm twenty and he's fourty-eight. When we met I was eighteen and he was fourty six, so that makes us twenty-eight and a half years apart. [​IMG]

    Sounds weird, huh? I guess so, but we're both kind of oddballs, so it works for us. [​IMG]

    Hahaha, that's funny. It made me laugh when I read that, because it slipped my mind when I posted it. But people who meet us often ask, and when they don't I'm pretty sure they're wondering, anyway!! [​IMG]
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    well for some reason i can only see you, your uncle and your dad...seems my comp has cut off your boyfriend so no, i wasnt wondering! but now i cant see him i wanna see him lol!

    good on you for rescuing the girl..but i gotta these chickens live wild by you? that must be amazing chickens walking around everywhere. [​IMG]
  5. Hahahaha!! Oh, alright . . . I'll post a pic of him in a moment . . . [​IMG]

    It's like pulling teeth to get me to show him off, huh? [​IMG]

    Ahh, I wish I lived right by them. They're a few miles away, but not far, really. It's a teeny little town called Old Auburn, I think, but I'm not entirely sure because my family has always just called it "Chickenville"!!! [​IMG]

    It IS an awesome place to hang out, everyone here at BYC would totally flip over this place. The chickens really are everywhere, the town's sign even has a rooster on it!! Cars drive pretty slowly so they don't hit the birds that are constantly walking back and forth across the roads. The main part of the town is a park, which probably has about twenty-five chickens or so at any given time, and along the roads, between the shops, in people's yards, and over your head in the trees there are always chickens wherever you look!!!!

    I have some pictures of Chickenville that my mom and uncle took, I guess maybe I'll post them here!!

    . . . After I post a pic of my boyfriend, of course. [​IMG]

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