STORY/STUDY about what is in Commercial Chickens ..ARSENIC, TYLENOL , others, on JANE VALEZ-MITCHELL

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    At this exact moment, I just happened to flip over to Jane Valez-Mitchell, on HLN, and the above titled story just started.

    They had "hidden video" of inside a "chicken factory" , where investigators were testing what is in their feed and in the chicken itself.

    Their study showed large amounts of ARSENIC , TYLENOL and something else that I didnt catch right at that moment !:eek:

    Oh My...

    But then someone from the industry , fired back by saying that the study was " 1-sided" .

    Hmm, maybe that story might get people who think that our hobby is nonsense ,or not worth the trouble, among other things, realizing that maybe we are on to something with raising our own chickens ; that we know what goes Into our birds whether we are raising them for eggs or meat. :yesss:

    Of course, with Jane Valez-Mitchell being a Vegan , had a guest on who was trying to persuade people to become Vegan.

    I was kind of hoping she wouldve discussed the advantages of Backyard Chicken raising..Oh well..:rolleyes:
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    Chicken factories.... dont EVEN get me started. [​IMG]

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