Story: "The Key to My Heart"

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    "The Key to My Heart"​

    By Elysia​


    View with us now, Cassidie Lowly. Her mother died almost 6 years ago, leaving her sisters Hanna (6), Emma (19) ,and Emma's 3 mo. old in her care. She also has a problem with Emma's boyfriend Lyle Stern (21).

    Chapter 1: "The Fight"
    Tired of paying for diapers and baby things, Cassidie rushes into where Lyle and Emma are and says, "Listen to me, and listen to me good," in a very serious tone,"one of you needs to get a job, because this baby of yours is going through a lot of stuff, and I will NOT pay for it anymore." Emma tries to change her mind, "But Cass-" Now in a very serious tone Cassidie says "But nothing." Emma is now being very pushy and says "But-" but that is all she gets out before Cassidie yells, "But NOTHING!" And she walks out. "Now look what you've done!" exclaims Lyle. "How is this ALL my fault?" Says Emma not quite understanding. "It just is, okay?!?" Yells Lyle. Trying her best Emma said, "I just don't under-" Lyle gives up and says "I'm not happy with you!" Ferious, Emma yells, "Well, then. There's the door, GOODBYE!" Lyle exits slamming the door behind him. Leaving Emma holding Tylie, and sitting on the couch crying. Cassidie comes in and tries to comfort her sister, but Emma will have none of it. Cassidie needed to get her mind off of Emma being mad at her, so she went to have some coffee. This is where her best friend comes in. Introducing Jake Brooks. (aka Jay) He is desprately in love with Cassidie and always lets her know about it! "Gosh, Jake. I don't know what to do about Emma being mad at me. I can't seem to get my mind off of it!" Says Cassidie while sipping her coffee. "I know how. Maybe... You know...." He leans in to kiss her. Cassidie ,showing no emotion whatsoever, says, "Uh..... No." And swiftly turns her head away. Being kind of pushy, Jake asks Cassidie, "Cass, will you go out with me?" Getting annoyed, she replies, "How do I say this nicely? uh-no!" Now Jay, being VERY pushy, says, "Why not? We have know each other since 7th. grade." "I don't want to talk about it." She replies. "C'mon, tell me!" he insisted. He was not helping the matter in her eyes, AT ALL. Now, almost crying, she tells him she has to go home. He walks her. Hugging her all the way. She was reluctantly letting him. She had a good reason to not want to go out, but little did he know why. Even though he has know her since 7th. grade, and he will soon find out.​

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