story's guide to raising chickens, 4 questions

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    Has anyone read the book "Story's Guide to raising Chickens?

    On pages 36-38 The authour discribes "all wire cages" that a person can build out of 1"x1" wire. Have you ever built or used one of her cages?

    She says she used the cages for breeding "exhibiton Bantams" would silkies fall into that catagorie or are they bigger than what one would call a bantam?

    She lists as sizes 30x 24 for one bird, 27x 32 for 2 birds and 46x32 for 4 birds. and a piece of card board on part of the floor for gettting them off the wire sometimes. If you haven't tried something like that would you ever consider it?
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    My husband and I did something like that for our Silkies. (They are all bantams) We kept it inside the garage, so there was no worry of raccoons sticking their hands in. We just used chicken wire because we were not concerned about it being durable enough to transport them. The pair got supervised free ranging time during the day. We put card board in the bottom and still used pine bedding.

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