Straight and Frizzle feathered serama cockerels for sale buy it now also hatching eggs

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    Apr 25, 2011
    I have a straight feathered light millie fleur color cockerel for $15

    A straight feathered black mottled with some brown spots cockerel for $15

    2 frizzled serama both cockerels are black mottled color $20 each

    I can ship to almost anywhere in the USA weather permitting shipping box is $16 and express shipping depends on your location and how many pairs you want.

    These are about 4 months old. The 2 older roosters in the pictures are the father's of these chicks.

    I also sell hatching eggs if anyone is interested from my straight feathered pen is $2.00 per egg shipping for 6 is $15 and shipping for 12 is $16
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