Straight Combed Cochin laying a Green egg?


9 Years
Jan 13, 2011
Baldwinsville NY
If I didn't see it with my own eyes I would still be wondering who the heck layed this green egg with speckles. I was given a Black Cochin with a large straight comb looks as pure Cochin as she could be. And she came from a Breeder no less.. Well I never saw what she layed until tonight I watched as a green egg came out..I am happy because I love green eggs and have OE's that lay a nice green egg.. but a Cochin? and a straight comb..Any one ever hear of this? Thanks..Just curious :)

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I know wierd! I traded 9 Roosters for 2 Young hens (The Cochin and a pretty Barred Rock) and the young man is a breeder and shows..So Hmm she sure looks full Cochin and has a defined Straight comb..I never saw a straight combed hen lay a colored egg, other than the dark choolate Marans..This is strange indeed
I am new to all of this. . . .but she does not look nearly as fluffy as my cochins. Their feathers are extra full an curve over the tail. They kinda fall over an curl under. . . .BUT I love it!!! I want green eggs. . . .
But all mine are bantams, which ( from what I'm told ) do not lay colored eggs. . . .
I am jealous!
Ok So, I have been scrolling threw posts, and is your girl a standard size? I have read a few people say that bantams have fancier feathers than standards. That might be why i thought she looked a little different than my bantam cochins.

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