straight run --just got easier! LOL


12 Years
Apr 14, 2007
For weeks, I have been going back and forth --w/ black true Ameraucana chick.. It was my largest chick--I just knew it was a roo.. Waited a week, no color in the comb like the other two roos--might be a pullet... Waited a week, comb not growing and is only a tiny pink...still might be a pullet. waited a week, oh yea, it's a roo, still growing and much larger than the little pullets... And today, I go to feed them and let them out of their coop----well there on this chick's back were those ARROW shaped feathers, almost jumping up at me!!! SO, now I know HE is a Roo!!!

These chicks are about 12 weeks old, have rose combs--so I have been REALLY struggling w/ gender..Thank you all, for your description of the key things to look for!! There will be three young roos leaving today, they will go to a good home and wait for their own flocks!!!
For my Ameraucana boys, their pea combs had very noticable 3 rows of peas, where my girls all had only one noticable row (until POL).

Always feels good when you id the boys.
You are correct Speckledhen! They are true Ameraucanas and they do have pea combs.. I was having a real hard time trying to figure out this black roo.. He had such a tiny comb and it was NOT red... but his saddle feathers were as narrow and pointed as a sharpened pencil! He was the largest chick from the beginning.. Now, I am out in the coop, looking for these narrow pointed feather.. Once I saw these feathers--It was as if a 'lightbulb' came on! And I was so excited...LOL oh the little things...

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