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    Apr 14, 2007
    For weeks, I have been going back and forth --w/ black true Ameraucana chick.. It was my largest chick--I just knew it was a roo.. Waited a week, no color in the comb like the other two roos--might be a pullet... Waited a week, comb not growing and is only a tiny pink...still might be a pullet. waited a week, oh yea, it's a roo, still growing and much larger than the little pullets... And today, I go to feed them and let them out of their coop----well there on this chick's back were those ARROW shaped feathers, almost jumping up at me!!! SO, now I know HE is a Roo!!!

    These chicks are about 12 weeks old, have rose combs--so I have been REALLY struggling w/ gender..Thank you all, for your description of the key things to look for!! There will be three young roos leaving today, they will go to a good home and wait for their own flocks!!!
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    For my Ameraucana boys, their pea combs had very noticable 3 rows of peas, where my girls all had only one noticable row (until POL).

    Always feels good when you id the boys. [​IMG]
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    If they are Ameraucanas, they have pea combs, not rose. Most male Ameraucanas are easy to spot by around 8 weeks old, but some keep you guessing a bit longer.
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    Apr 14, 2007
    You are correct Speckledhen! They are true Ameraucanas and they do have pea combs.. I was having a real hard time trying to figure out this black roo.. He had such a tiny comb and it was NOT red... but his saddle feathers were as narrow and pointed as a sharpened pencil! He was the largest chick from the beginning.. Now, I am out in the coop, looking for these narrow pointed feather.. Once I saw these feathers--It was as if a 'lightbulb' came on! And I was so excited...LOL oh the little things...

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