Straight run Olive Egger chicks and Golden Cuckoo Marans cockerels~ Northern California

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    2+ week old Golden cuckoo Marans x W/BW Ameraucana Olive Egger chicks. 3 week old Golden Cuckoo Marans cockerels.

    8- GCM cockerels are Rockin' G Ranch x Harris5 lines. Beautiful birds! 6 three week olds, and 2 four day olds.

    7- OE straight run chicks are Golden Cuckoo Marans rooster x wheaten/blue wheaten true Ameraucana hens. Beautiful birds that lay gorgeous green eggs.

    All chicks are $5.00 each.

    Local pick-up only in Grass Valley, California.

    Golden Cuckoo Marans cockerels~ Hatched from dark eggs!
    What they will look like as adults.

    Olive Egger chicks~ Actual chicks you will be getting. Not auto sexing- White dot on head means they will have barred feathers.
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