Strang symptoms in young chicks

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    Mar 28, 2011
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    Have 9 chicks of mixed breeds 8-9 weeks old. Noticed symptoms (swollen normal color tissue around eye) The eye itself became swollen and bulged. The chick had bloody dirreah overnight and died. The other chicks are now showing the same symptoms around eyes and one seems weak.Until now they have seemed a very healthy flock of chicks. They were hatched by a broody hen. Help! . Anyone know what it is? and how to treat it?
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    The weakness, bloody diarrhea and sudden death are often seen with coccidiosis, which is treated either with Corid or Sulmex (most here prefer Corid) and yours are at an age when this is often seen. Typically they don't want to eat or drink, and sit sort of scrunched down and fluffed out as if cold. But the eye problems have me at a total loss. Unfortunately, there are many people here who are more well qualified than I on chicken illnesses, though. Here are some links that hopefully will help you: (see charts at bottom)

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