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    This is the first time I've introduced new cockerels to a flock. Last April I purchased 26 day-olds and beat the odds. Eighteen pullets and eight cockerels. Five weeks ago I introduced the pullets to my existing flock with few problems. Shortly after that I selected and introduced two of the cockerels to the flock, again with few problems (especially from the rooster). Now the pecking orders seem well established with three males and 26 females. Some of the pullets have migrated to the rooster, and the less dominant cockerel has gathered four others. The other cockerel doesn't do anything except attack when he can, and none of the females seem to want anything to do with him. He doesn't do the 'rooster dance'. When he bites, it's to the back of the neck and he removes feathers. Should I leave him for a while longer and hope he gathers some hens and starts behaving appropriately? Should I simply isolate him until he's ready for the freezer? Should I try to replace him with one of the reserve cockerels, who are quite mature now but not quite ready for processing? BTW - the rooster puts the run on him but doesn't actually attack or maim, and the dominant hen makes sure he behaves at night.
  2. He's probably just not 100% matured yet just wait it'll be fine!

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