Strange disease- help diagnose please!

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    We just lost 1 of our hens (Chelsea). [​IMG] She was a 3 year old sex-link. Now our other hen is acting strange like her. Here are the symptoms that Chelsea had (over a period of 2-3 weeks)- 1st a little lethargic, and not eating (or laying). Then got worse. About 2-4 days later, started eating agian! Still lethargic. About a week later, she had labored breathing (with a bit of a rattling sound), and diarrhea. She kept eating and drinking fine, while I gave her medication. Her breathing didn't get better for about a week. Then she got more lethargic, but her breathing got better. After her breathing got better, she refused to eat or drink, got skinny, and couldn't stand anymore, then died. [​IMG] Our other hen is acting strange now, bieng a little lethargic and not eating. [​IMG] She seemed to be laying well the past few weeks though. As for Chelsea, she got wormed (they we're wormed in the fall too), Dimethox, Terramiecin (sp?), and electrolites. So now please let me know if you have any idea what Chelsea (and the other hen) had/has, and if there is any treatment.


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    ? Bump
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    Bertio gave me this link earlier today.

    The description of avian influenza sounded a little bit like your description. I'm no expert though. I'm just passing on the link. I hope it helps.


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