Strange egg-laying + dead hen - are these related?

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    Hey all

    Its been a while since I posted on here.... I adopted 4 ex battery hens in august and things were going really well until recently....

    A couple of weeks ago one of my hens died. her comb went purple and she went downhill really rapidly before I could get her checked out. I researched and was told that a purple comb could be many things but most likely to be some kind of heart problem. I really hope there was nothing more I could have done for her.

    I have been checking my other 3 chickens closely and they all appear healthy but this week they have been acting a big strangely re egg laying.
    On sunday I found 5 eggs buried in the bedding at the back of the coop, properly buried, like they'd kicked the sawdust over them. I had heard from a friend that this could be a sign that rats were around but I have been really watchful for that and sign.

    Then today there were 2 eggs; one in each nest box, one was fine but the other had broken as it had a really soft shell. The chickens have plenty of oyster shell and a good diet and otherwise seem really healthy. Is this just a one off or should I be worried?

    Any advice would be really appreciated, thanks!

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