Strange egg thing and chicken not well


Apr 18, 2020
So this morning, I found my silky in the nesting box with a very small egg next to her and on the egg was a really gooey weird stringy substance. The egg was completely normal just a little small. I’m thinking the normal small egg was a new layer. One of my pullets was really noisy today and started squatting. so the silkie I was talking about was broody and came out of it about a week and a half ago and was sitting in the nesting box all day She is acting really strange. She Has only come out once and this is what her poo looks like. She also looks really puffed up and slightly lethargic. I thought for sure she was going to lay her first egg today, but now I’m thinking that the gooey substance was from her. I am thinking another pullet laid the smaller first egg and my silkie laid the Gooey thing just on top of normal egg?
I hope all this is making sense. I’ll attach pictures


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My year and half barred rock has similar symptoms. Maybe an internal mishap when trying to lay?
Is her crop mushy and watering? That type of poop and backed up crop are signs of an infection.

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