strange eye thing in a peachick-infection?

Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by preciouspokey, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. preciouspokey

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    Nov 10, 2009
    Ok this will be fun to describe. After much searching I have found nothing that fits the bill so far. Hopefully someone here can shed some light. I have a peachick ...actually several. Today all of a sudden one has a red ring around its eye. It looks like a circle where feathers have fallen off and is irritated. There is no sneezing, no swelling, no nasal discharge. It is a little lethargic..sometimes. They are all very tame so when it jumped into my hands at feeding time I didnt think twice about it. I let it sit in my lap while I went on filling the food etc. Then I looked at him and though OMG! At first glance I was terrified that the others had pecked its eye out or something, but after a quick check that was not the case (thankj goodness) If I had to describe it I would almost say it looked like ringworm on a person ..almost, not quite. There is a little bit of crusty around one of the eyes. I feel awful and do not know what to do....poor lil thing just wants me to hold it. Any ideas?

  2. ranit

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    Apr 14, 2010
    You might try some terramycin ophthalmic ointment. I have used it on a rabbit before and it cleared up the eye infection quickly.

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