Strange facial swelling and scabbed head. **PICS**


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May 26, 2010
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So the story is I let my turkeys free range with the "big girls" for the first time yesterday and it was a mistake. My white turkey looks as if she was hen pecked on the head. When I found her it was red and "moist". I brought her in, washed the area and put antibiotic ointment on it. She began scratching it like crazy and rubbing her head against her shoulders. She also had what looked like dried snot clogging her nostrils. When I cleaned it off she just had a constant string of clear mucous that I kept wiping away. Gross, I know.

Today her head wound was dried up and mostly a hard scab (although she is still scratching it). I put her out in the grow out pen with the other turkeys her age and she has been eating and drinking fine. When I went out a few minutes ago to put them up for the night I gave her a once over and noticed the whole right side of her face is swollen. Can anyone tell me what is wrong or what I can do to fix it? I dont want to wait and let it get worse. Im assuming its already infected. Any help would be so appreciated.




I have absolutely zero turkey experience and limited chicken experience..and not really any chicken injury experience..but I didnt want to ignore your post.

It looks infected. If it were a dog or cat, I would tell you warm compress and drain out the infection- and antibiotic to fight off the infection.
BUT, its a turkey not a dog or cat, so I can say I hope someone comes along soon to help you.
Good luck.
I've had this happen to one of my cockerels last year and just recently to one of my hens. The swelling should go down in about one day; if you look closely you will find tiny sting spot. I'm sure it is result of bee or wasp sting. When it happened to the cockerel I could clearly find the sting mark. I just put cold compress on the eye took the swelling down a little. It even seemed like he was feeling relief from the cold compress.
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