Strange Faverolles chicks...

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by eksterhuis, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. eksterhuis

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    Jan 7, 2012
    A little bit confused... These were sold as Faverolles eggs... In the past my Fav chicks have always been yellow... Like classic 'chicks' some of these are striped... Most have furry legs from what I can see and some have 5 toes (both yellow and striped). Are these just 'poor standards'... I am hoping to breed Faverolles from my own stock in the future and think I will sell on those without 5 toes or fluffy feet as pullets when they are older and keep the 'better' ones for breeding... Even though they are all cute and will no doubt have super personalities... What do people think... Has anyone else had non yellow Faverolles chicks? It could be that some of them are darker and not classic light salmon colour?



    The last 3 eggs there, 2 are pipping and one was knocked out of the nest during the night the other day and was cold...(2 were knocked out but the other hatched) so I don't know if it will make it!
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    The chipmunk patterned chicks are not Faverolles unless they crossed them with Faverolles with another breed.

    Fav chicks are yellow.
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    Right there.

    You likely have a bunch of mutts.
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    Slamon Faverelles chicks are yellow. but other colored Favorelles chicks are not. they could be pure but if all the eggs came from the same hen and roo then there most likley mixed
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    Jan 7, 2012

    I think this might be the case, I think the darker ones might be more mahogany coloured as more of the stripy ones has 5 toes than the yellow... They come from a mixed flock of faverolles, I knew one did not have 4 toes but the rooster does, some of them were darker hens, I was just surprised the chick where not yellow! I don't think they are mutts, just not the best bred fav's! (I am looking at keeping the hens with good facial fluff, 5 toes and fluffy feet to breed with. I have 6 adult salmon Fav's, a POL pullet and a rooster the same age (they were both yellow so guessing my new ones might be darker, which my mum prefers anyway!)

    I now have 14 of them at about 5 don't have 5 toes... So not to bad!
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    I hatched Blue Salmon and Salmon chicks a couple years ago and all of them were the yellow color of some of yours. When they feathered I had DARK boys and very light and even white girls, but they were all the same fluff color when hatched. So, I am agreeing that the chipmunks may be mixes. If they have beards too, maybe some EEs got mixed in on you? Or at least some Fav crosses.
  8. eksterhuis

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    Jan 7, 2012
    I went today to see the adults, they are all Fav's very pale salmon to very dark mahogany colour, all with beards and muffs, but 2 mums have 4 toes... We don't have EE's in New Zealand... I think they are just not the most refined Faverolles... The rooster I have to breed with my hens (he is only 2 months old) was bright yellow and will be very light coloured, he has very fluffy legs and 5 toes... I can already see the fluffy faces on some of the chicks... But will be interesting to see them as they get older... I think with a couple of years careful breeding I should have good stock!

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    I'd love to see pics of the adults...

    All faverolle chicks I've ever seen were fuzzy yellows with 5 toes.
  10. eksterhuis

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    Jan 7, 2012
    I am in New Zealand and we have limited numbers of some pure breeds. I think sometimes it means the breeds aren't quite as good as other countries... I guess that's what I'm wanting to find out about and things... what the international standard is... I too am interested in finding out what they look like, 2 of my adult Faverolles have 5 toes and great face muffs but clean legs... Something I want to work on (when Pierre my roo is at breeding age!)

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