Strange House Plant... anyone know what it is??

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  1. Bleenie

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    I posted this in a plant ID forum but no replies yet so hopefully someone here can help me out....

    I got these cuttings from a plant at my father's house... [​IMG] that they root! He has had it for a VERY long time (my Mom thinks it came from her Mother's house back when they were teenagers!) and it's been really tollerant of him forgetting to water and has done pretty well. at one point it was about 6ft long and strung across the curtain rod in the dining room.

    It's really beautiful & i just assumed it was some variety of Pothos Ivy but I cannot find it anywhere online, no picture or anything. I am just looking for a name so i can look up care tips and such.

    I am also trying to start roots on about 9 spider plant "babies" [​IMG]
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    Split-leaf philodendron. I have one that has leaves over 18" inches across!
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    yep yep
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    So not a swiss cheese huh?
  6. Imp

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    I agree a split leaf. If you want the leaves to split all the way through, to the edge, keep it extemely root bound. When I had one years ago every time I transplanted it to a slightly larger pot it would stop splitting it's leaves for several months. When I finally gave it away, it was the size of a desk in a 10" pot. Also if it gets long and leggy it takes pruning well, at least minor pruning. I live in Seattle so sometimes sun is scarce; it seemed to do OK in a bright window if not necessarily a sunny window.


    BTW- An aggressive indoor swiss cheese vine sounds very intriguing
  7. Bleenie

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    Argh! I looked up Philodendrons too because i just got one and thought.."hmm, maybe?" and couldnt find it! You guys are so great!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    So same care the the regular Philo's or is it a little different because of the leaf structure?
  8. Bleenie

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    Ahhhh! I am so excited now!! I love big full house plants! they're so beautiful! his has always been kinda small, maybe because of the not-so-great care? I have recently become obsessed with my hosue plants and finding new ones so hopefully it'll really do well and get nice and full!

  9. Imp

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    Quote:You probably couldn't find it cause the small leaved vine commonly called philodendron. (has been called that since I was a kid) is actually a Pothos. Yes it is similar care. If it starts looking limp, water well. And it will survive in low light. Not thrive but survive. In bright light the leaves will get pale/yellow. I grew up with it and my parents had vines that were maybe up to 30+ feet long. If your plant looks more like a vine with 3-4 inch leaves rathar than a bush with 10-20 inch leaves you might have this.
    Can you post a pix?

  10. ultasol

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    NOT a split leaf philodendron, definitely what is called, commonly, "swiss cheese plant". Both are in the same family, both are good houseplants/ This plant is great for an indoor hanging basket.

    I can say ID with a degree of certainty due to my professional background. It's a lovely plant, enjoy it.

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