strange loud breathing from one of our girls

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    Aug 12, 2014
    not sure what is going on, today jumpy our 6 month old ee is breathing kind of loud and it seems like she is either every once in a while making a small cough or sneeze and also kind of singing to herself. she is drinking and eating. our other girls are fine. there is no discharge of any kind and her poop is a little watery. it seems like she is sitting in her little dust bath areas a little more than usual. she has already started laying. she seems like she feels a little under the weather, not quite as chipper as she usually is.

    our chickens get plenty of egg shells and oyster shells free choice. i put acv in their water and they are all eating fermented organic feed with lentils split peas oats, as well as some snacks like boss fruits popcorn cooked rice grasshoppers sweet corn on the cob beetles oat and alfalfa hay; different things depending on what we have on hand. they are getting several new things they haven't had before like the different fruits that are in season. don't know if that could effect their poop or not, plus additional water intake since its been hot.

    really want to figure this out before it might get worse and would appreciate any suggestions anyone would have.
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    I recommend that you stop feeding your EE all that stuff and give her regular layer feed to eat until she gets back to her normal self. Too much goodies can be just as bad for chickens. I had an EE honk when it was very hot outside, watery diarrhea occurs from drinking alot of water. Feeding fruits can cause diarrhea as well. Bring her inside in the a/c when it's hot, ensure all your chickens have cool water to drink, including your EE while you have her inside.

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