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    Jun 7, 2008
    Have had chickens for long time but always have had older hens..already laying.. this time as we had just moved and did not have a coop ready yet (its up and running great now)so we got 14 little girls..the feed store said they were already about 3 weeks old..well turns out 13 girls and 1 rooster boy.. but he is turning out to be sweet and very good looking LOL so we are quite happy about that..not sure the nieghbors will be..but we are allowed so thats just too bad.... Well I figure by looking at photos on here..which I love looking at keep them coming..they are about 12-14 weeks now. The girls all still peep peep but 1 or 2 have started to HONK..a large red sex link and a black giant..they have small combs and waddles and are not roosters..are they going through puberty and their voices changing ready for the bawk bawk..??? they sound so funny..the only time they do it is when its time for bed..they are the last 2 to go up the ramp to bed..its like they are telling all the others to hurry up..they sound so funny its a croaky honking.. Anyone elses chickens do this?? I thought a nieghbor had gotten geese until I went to investigate and found out it was my girls!
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    Hi Jayne! Firstly, let me say WELCOME to BYC. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting you yet. [​IMG] Secondly, yes, my some of my girls did that same "honk" sounding noise when they were transitioning from peeps to bawks. [​IMG] Sounds ridiculously funny, doesn't it? [​IMG]

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