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    Hey all-

    Seeking some advice on one of my ladies. Here's the scoop:

    Recently, we noticed one of our girls has a bare spot on her underside. About an inch under her vent, she has a bald spot about the size of a deck of cards. It's red, dry, featherless and slightly swollen. There's a "scab" on there and it's pretty crusty, as well. You can see all this in the first picture. Another one of our hens is sitting next to her, for comparison.

    In the second picture, taken today (01/17) you can see the scab fell off, the redness is down and the feathers are starting to grow back. The vent looks clean and not red at all.

    She's still laying an egg a day, eats and drinks as much as the other girls, and plays well with the others. No roosters. We live in Northern Michigan where the temps range from -10F to 30F in a matter of days and nights.

    Just curious if you have any advice or concern for us.

    Thanks for the help!


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    Not sure if this is the same problem or not, but thought I'd post it just in case. We have a ferret (Raphael), whom we let romp around outside when the weather is nice. Long story short, he ended up with a large raised bump on his rear end that was hot to the touch, and obviously something bad. We took him to the vet (apparently he's considered "exotic", so good bye $300!) who said the bump was actually the developing larvae of a certain type of fly. Although the vet had never seen this in a ferret, she said it was really common in dogs, cows, chickens, etc.... basically any outdoor critter who might poo on itself (and thus attract the fly). She had no idea why a fly was attracted to Raphael, and could only suggest it was maybe his signature ferret scent. Anyway, don't know if this is what's wrong with your chicken, but it looks very similar to what happened to Raphael. The vet was able to extract the larvae (shudder), then she cleaned out the wound and put him on antibiotics. If left untreated, the vet said the larvae would have morphed into a fly, then crawled out of Raphael. Not life threatening, but super disgusting. Anyway, if your hen is doing better and the swelling is going down, and if this was the same problem, perhaps the fly hatched? Raphael never seemed sick or anything like that while this was going on..... we took him to the vet about a week after he was bitten by the fly. And he doesn't play outside any more.

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