Strange vomit? Poop?

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    Nov 27, 2011
    One of my Rhode Island Reds, Ethel, has been feeling peaked (can't seem to come up with a better word) for the past few days, at least 5. She doesn't come out of the chicken house very quickly - as the others do, she isn't very active, and has lost weight. But her eyes are bright and she eats with a moderate appetite. I didn't bring her inside until this morning but today, at least, I didn't see much poop at all.

    I left her with food and water in the kitchen and when I returned, I found a small sac with a twisted end which I thought at first was a distorted egg. When I cut it open to examine it more closely, I found a couple of layers of what looked like chicken skin and smelled stinky like it had slightly decomposed too. It is very weird.

    I have photos but cannot post right now since I am a new member.

    Ethel seems ok after evacuating this and is settled down for the night. She hasn't gotten droopy, the way a couple of my birds have before they got even sicker, then died. I don't hear any respiratory problems when I put my head to her.

    Can chickens throw up?

    Any ideas?



  2. Yes, chickens can throw up. I have had one do it on me. I am thinking maybe she got impacted craw? But managed to get it out? Hope she is ok. I'd try feeding her yogurt and scrambled eggs for a few days. May need to add more grit to the diet? Might not be getting enough while they are out.

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    I completely agree (with NovaAman) -- and you can massage her crop a bit as well. And, are you feeding a laying feed? Layer, laying pellets, mash or crumble normally?

    The more they eat the more they poop. I also think that maybe whatever that is that came out of her, whichever end it came out of, it is probably a very good thing that it is out.

    I will only add... as I almost always do... because it is a very common issue in most chickens -- How old is she, how old is your flock? Have you ever wormed them? When and with what?

    Has she been laying long? Young layers can easily, more easily be eggbound.

    Use the very helpful Search tool here on BYC for much more info on any subject or symptom.

    Good luck and welcome.

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