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    Mar 9, 2012
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    Our "new" full size rooster (who is still a "teenager") was being bossed around by our established bantam rooster until about a week ago. He's started standing up for himself and I noticed last night that he's roosting on the top roost with 2 of the full size girls. As he's establishing himself with the flock, which I expected, he ignores me and my kids - even when my son will scoop up the favorite hen and carry her around. BUT this morning, our rooster attacked my husband - who luckily was wearing jeans. Now that it gets dark so early, the chickens are usually in the coop by the time hubby gets home. Is there anything I can tell hubby to do, to discourage another attack? We also have a "chicken sitter" coming over around Christmas while we go out of town for a few days and I am worried about his behavior towards her...Any suggestions?
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    Nip his attitude and this behavior in the bud or it will escalate. There area multitude of threads on site dealing with aggressive roosters. Understand that in spite of what some will say, there are some roosters that can not be 'adjusted'.
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    My rooster recently started attacking (was nice as pie for 9 months). I had to defend him off one day and he spurred my hand, But, in that incident i pushed him over a few times until he backed off, the key being when he backed off I chased him showing full dominance. He now recognises my dominance but continues to test the boundry. I take a broom in the pen with me and he keeps away at that even though I never touched him with it. I do chase him with it though if he starts getting cocky to reaffirm dominance.

    Maybe get a broom and have a stand off with him, show him he wont win a fight with you. You dont have to hurt him, just get him to the point where he runs. Its worth noting that my husband and I both had to do this as initially he stopped attacking my husband but continued to try and dominate me.

    Hope this helps and let us know how it goes.

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