Strangest/Funniest Places Your Free Range Hens Lay


Crossing the Road
9 Years
Mar 15, 2010
On the MN prairie.
So, after noticing a sudden decrease in eggs collected, DH said the other day, "I think they're laying someplace else." (They had been laying in the machine shed behind the stairs that go up to a storage loft.) So today I decided to let them out a bit later than usual and follow the ones bolting out of the gate with their legs crossed. Three of them ran here:

This is an old semi sleeper cab with a tree on it. They waded through several inches of water, jumped from branch and worked ther way up onto the tree trunk. (“They” are two Barred Rocks and a Red Ranger. The top of the cab is roughly 5.5’ high.

Note that the head of the chicken you see does not belong to the body of the chicken in the foreground.

Apparently these aren’t the only ones laying up there, and it’s been a favorite spot for a while...

Now let’s see your chickens’ favorite places! (And remember - pics or it didn’t happen.)


10 Years
May 23, 2009
I have one chicken who likes to lay her eggs in high spots and is very fussy about looking for new places. She was trying to lay her egg on the windowsill of the coop when I happened by and scooped her up....and she laid her egg right in my hand.

We joked about training her to lay right into the fry pan. Now, wouldn't that be something? Can't get fresher eggs than that.

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