STRANGEST phenomon. what?! can chickens incubate eggs internally?

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So, heres a really weird story.
Today I let my chickens out to free range a little bit. When I came to give them leftovers from dinner, I noticed a little dead bird layin on the ground under my sister's bedroom window. When I looked, I noticed it was a chicken, no doubt about it. Still completely wet like it had just hatched, but no shell. I go what the hell?
I'm 1000% sure non of my chickens were broody, and it can't have been any of my neighbors since we live a ways out and our closest neighbors don't have any chickens. Then I thought, well it could have been dropped by a bird so I looked up, impossible since there is an overhang right there. I sorta ran out of ideas when it suddenly came to mind "could it have been possible that one of my chickens incubated an egg inside?" I have 2 roosters and my eggs are fertile. I've never heard of anything like it, but it the only thing that could possibly make sense. I don't know if the chick was alive or dead when it came out but it looked a bit mangled like it had been pecked at and perhaps even dragged, no egg shell anywhere though but the chickens couldve eaten it.
Like I said, I have no clue if this is even possible but I can't think of any other ways it couldve gotten there. What do you think?
Maybe one of your hens was sitting on an egg in a place you did not know about?
I never heard of a hen incubating inside unless maybe she was egg bound? If so, you may want to give your hens a really good look over to make sure they are ok.

That is bizarre.
nope impossible. my chickens are kept in a run pretty much all the time, its large, but no where to hide. and i do i headcount every night to make sure no one is missing.
If you think it really came out of a stuck egg in the hen then you should give your girls a look over to try to figure out which one and that they are ok.
I would imagine that could damage the delicate insides of the hen. May want to see if any experienced folks have any ideas.
Could there have been an egg hidden in the bedding material?

or Stealth Feral chickens?

Imp- How strange. Any Pictures?
I don't think this is possible since, as I understand it, the sperm goes onto the egg just before the shell is added. This would mean a fully formed egg would have to have been "stuck" inside a hen for 21 days. Unless you have a lot of chickens and don't pay much attention to them you would have surely noticed a hen in that condition. Without actually seeing your setup I wouldn't begin to tell you where that chick came from but I think it is safe to say it wasn't internally incubated.

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