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    Jul 18, 2007
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    So I was sitting outside yesterday with my girls - they don't get to free-range unless I'm out with them due to so many critters here that think they make tasty treats - and they're pecking/scratching around like they do and I'm reading my book, enjoying the garden, and watching them. I was really engrossed in my book, when I happened to notice a number of them very near me giving me that inquisitive look they have. I'm thinking, "Oh, how sweet, they want to be near their mom." Wrong. Next thing I know, they're pecking my toes! Not tentative little "What's this?" pecks, but greedy ole, "I've got to get this before anyone else!" pecks! (Yup, I was barefoot and my toenails are painted a deep red). I tried to shoo them away, but they are persistent little beasties. Next thing - they're all there - all 14 - pecking at my toes! I'm jumping around like in a cheap western where they're shooting at the guy's feet saying "Dance, tenderfoot, dance" and yelping and hollering. My family comes running out thinking I've lost my mind (not an uncommon thought for them), and they're laughing so hard they can hardly stand and, of course, are of no help to me at all. I finally got away and went inside and put on shoes, then went out and put the girls away - no more fun for this day! I now know what it means when they say "like being pecked to death by chickens" and believe me, it's not pleasant! Just thought I would give everyone a chuckle to lighten up your day! Enjoy your chickies!
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