Strawberrys + Chickens = were did they go???


10 Years
May 21, 2009
New york
Well it seems that my chickens have declared they love strawberrys!

I got about ten big strawberrys from the frige and went to go feed them a treat. When I walked into the coop I was bombared by my 7 week old red sex links! I sat down and they were crawling all over me looking for the strawberrys!

I hold the strawberrys in the air one at a time, while the little ones gobble them up. Momma ( the bantie that thinks all the sex links are hers....) waits till there done and gets one for herself

They get everything all sticky with strawberyy gunk

Heres some pics:


Joey takeing the first bite!


Yum yum yum


More please!

And here a video of them eating!

Do your chickens have a fav treat??

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When I make strawberry wine I always cut the tops off and leave a little of the strawberry on them just for the chickens. I wind up taking them about 4 or 5 pounds of strawberry tops. They go ape crazy over it.

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