Stray Guinea?


11 Years
12 Years
Jan 25, 2008
The Wilds of Western PA
I have somehow aquired a guinea hen. I'm assuming it is a hen, after reasearching online, the hens make a "buck-wheat" type sound, and she makes that sound CONSTANTLY.
I noticed her day before yesterday (Thursday??) when I went out to throw down some scratch for my chickens. Last night, she was down in the bottom corner of the coop when I went to close them up. She was all snuggled in with my EE hen. I felt awful for her, and let her stay there. She's all ready been involved with the chickens, so hopefully she isn't ill.
I cannot get anywhere near close enough to her for a picture. No offense to any guinea lovers, but she is one bloody ugly beastie!
Anyway, what's the harm in letting her stay with the chickens, assuming she hangs around? She stays far on the outside of the main flock, and only pals around with my EE roo and hen, who are low man and woman on the totem pole.
Thanks -

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