Strays and others - Almost lost my Coochin Roo

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by Tenneesse, Jan 2, 2013.

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    Nov 24, 2010
    Woodbury, Middle Tn
    I have 5 hens and a Rooster who range and I fully understand the risk. Rural middle Tennessee is alive with predators and I know what can happen. We have had the birds for 3 seasons now starting with 2 girls and a guy and now we have 5 ladies and they have been very manageable.

    2 days ago a stray dog got a hold of Cowboy and beat him up pretty bad. It appears no internal damage and I have found only 2 puncture wounds which I have treated with antiseptic. All of the birds have been restricted to the coop (the girls made it to the woods during the attack and hide. I was able to rescue him but only after he had been dragged across the road to the neighbors yard I was able to follow the trail of feathers and he was still underattack when I managed to get him in hand and took him home.

    He is eating and drinking and seems to be emotionally getting better. He's in with his girls but isn't ready to lead again. He has been such a champion protecting and warning of any danger. I have seen him ward off a Hawk attack making himself the decoy I was able to get in front of the Hawk and Cowboy was safe. He and the girls hunkered down the rest of the day but he is a grand Rooster.

    We are very rural and for reasons that are obvious people have been dropping off stray dogs and its really been problematic in that my neighbor allows the dogs to hangout with his. I have talked to him about this because if the stray is a bird chaser (this is what happened to Cowboy) his dogs will become bird killers and leave me no choice. His dogs have never shown interest in my birds until now. The stray dog that got hold of Cowboy is no more, that was expedited as soon as I had my birds safely back inside and Cowboy tended to.

    I have to decide now do I keep the birds locked up. They only know that when dark is approaching and they march themselves to the coop and I close them in. Come morning they only know its time to hit the range and line up to go out. They cry when I don't open fast enough. Build a large run? I cant afford to really I may have to I have to make a decision I hoped could be avoided. I never thought I could become so very attached to a silly Chicken.
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    Aug 12, 2009
    You should shoot the stray dogs. It is for the best .I recall a show on animal planet where they talked about dog attacks from dog packs.Mostly people alone,but one was an elderly couple out for a walk in their yard.Sad. A strong enclosed fence is the only thing that will keep dog out.
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    Oct 18, 2012
    I would say build a run; it doesn't have to be a huge one either. Just so they can all get out and not be locked up and have room to do what chickens do: forage, dust bath, etc.
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    Nov 24, 2010
    Woodbury, Middle Tn
    I think I mentioned the dog is no longer.

    I agree strays unless someone is will to care for them must be destroyed.

    Also here in Tn we have what a lot of folks call Coydogs supposedly a cross. Im not sure if Ive ever seen any I have put down coyotes that had strong resemblance to a Shepard.

    The are many farmers here that raise goats they also have a problem with stray dogs or coyotes. Usually they have one or two Great Perranies (excuse the spelling) that do a fantastic job of protecting the goats its really amazing how they bond. On occasion one these will wander in looking for a home but it's not hard to find someone who will add the dog to his farm and they do not threaten anything.

    The animal that attacked my Rooster was a very nice looking Black Lab 6-8 months old. Im a dog lover and would have rather had a moment or two with the dog owner. People who dont control their dogs make me really angry.
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    I agree with you - if the dog is a pet and hasn't yet committed carnage, I try to shoo it and get ahold of the owner. If he has, I do what I have to to protect my property. However, if the dog is in a feral pack, I am not quite as considerate. Good luck to you in the future.

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