Streaks of blood occasionally in poop, and what type of treats?


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Aug 26, 2008
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Two questions in one thread--
First, I've noticed occasional blood streaks in the poop of my chicks. Four of them are 18 days old and the other two are quite a bit smaller, but I'm not sure of their exact age. One chick was on the ground for about two seconds a few days ago, that's it. They're in my garage in a wire brooder with newspaper covered in paper towels that I change out every day. They all seem healthy and strong, knock on wood! They're eating Dumor starter chicken feed. It was the only thing TSC had for baby chicks, and I didn't see anything on the bag or in the ingredient list about it being medicated. What should I do about the bloody streaks? They aren't in every poop, and I've seen it coming from two different chicks for certain. I have Corid 9.6% and Sulmet on hand, but I don't know if or how much I should give to babies.

Second question--
Is it alright to give chicks treats to win their affection? They are so terrified of me! I give my other birds scraps, mostly veggies and sometimes fruit, yogurt, rice noodles...I tried giving them some pieces of cooked corn yesterday and they ran away from it like it was rat poison!


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I believe they were 3-4 weeks old when I started giving treats. I've given worms, plain yogurt, grapes, banana, bread, and kale. They didn't like the bread or the kale but loved everything else. i now give them some kind of treat once a day.
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Bloody streaks in poo could be coccidiosis; search in the diseases section for "Cocci" and you'll find more info. on it.

I think whole cooked corn would be too large for them to swallow at their age; try a little dish (I sometimes use the lid from a yogurt container) with yogurt on it. It may take a bit for them to eat it...sometimes, they'll walk right through it, but once they do taste it, they'll love you forever for bringing it to them!


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May 27, 2008
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Hey Andora,

I had a chick once who did have cocci, the blood didn't show up every time but most of the time. I could tell which one it was, chickie was real mopey and it's little wings hung down. You could tell it didn't feel real good. Cocci can be treated with Sulmet, look on the bottle for poultry doses, you put it in a certain amount of water, if the bottle does not say you may need to call the feed store where you purchased the sulmet and see if the dose for poultry is on another bottle. I also seperated the infected chick from the others as well. But still treated everyone because they where exposed wash everything, and change thier bedding. Everyone was a-okay, until the neighbors dog got them.
I gave my new chicks medicated feed, no problems with cocci this time, and no neighbors dog either.

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