Stress Free Chicken Tractor - a brief review

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    Sep 15, 2009
    Last year I retired my well worn Salatin-style pen and spent hours looking for a different design. I wanted to find something that would make the daily tasks of moving, feeding, and watering easier. There were a number of rounded hoop coop tractor designs I looked into before deciding to buy plans for John Suscovich's, "Strees Free Chicken Tractor".

    I'm not much of a builder but put this together in about two days - no rush, no help. A compound miter saw and pneumatic stapler made work go a lot faster. The half-lap construction was a little beyond what I wanted to get into so I adapted the design to use Kreg pocket holes.

    The height of the structure combined with detachable wheels and hanging feeder and waterer (also in the plans but not yet in service) are going to make the daily chores a lot easier. It's a cool design with a lot of great ideas, learned wisdom, and definitely worth the few $.



    View from the rear toward the door to show pocket hole joints.

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    Interesting. When I get my chickens next year I want to have a moveable run in addition to one linked to their coop so they can forage in different parts of my yard safely. Thanks for posting this.

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