Stress Plucking Feathers?

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    Apr 2, 2016
    About 13 days ago a 8 week Ameracauna chick of mine got attacked by something and it took a chunk of skin off its neck about the size of two nickels in length and diameter. I found it in shock and bleeding and immediately removed it from its 8x8 broody pen where it lived with its 5 siblings and placed it in a brooder tote with food and water and treated its wounds. The next day it was acting/eating/drinking/pooping normal and since then has been fine. After a week the wound is heeling nicely and is starting to scab and is hard like one to the touch but she started to act strange like she was depressed and lonely. She was healthy physically but other than eating and drinking would just sit/stand in one place. The second id go outside she would get excited and chirp away until I picked her up so I could tell she wanted attention. Since her wound was scabbing my husband convinced me it would be ok to put her back with the others. Right away she was back to normal scratching at the dirt and all happy to see everyone but then they noticed her scab and wanted to pick at it. so again I took her back to the chick tote and she was normal for a day or so then went back to being depressed like. So I got the bright idea to wrap rabbit wire around a large dog crate and put it in the broody pen with the others so she could hear and see the other chicks but be safe from them until her wounds heal. This also seemed to solve my worry as to the other chicks forgetting her making integrating her hard. I put her in her new home with shade/sun/water/food/dirt and when I just got home from work to check on her I noticed her chest has been pecked bare of feathers. She is eating/pooping/drinking normal and she seems normal but I read that behavior like that is stress related. In the 12 days in the chick tote on the porch she never did that or had that until today.
    So that brings me to ask (thanks for baring with my long story btw), should I keep her in there with them or bring her back onto the porch alone since something Is stressing her out all the sudden today?

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