Stressed at Work, Stressed At Home, Stressed At College - UGH!


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I work 5 days a work as a long term sub for a high school making $30 for a 1/2 day in the mornings. I have 2 classes, which I was just handed a student edition book for at the beginning of the year. I'm having to do my own lesson plans, deal with classroom management, and create a fantastic high school yearbook with a class of 15 catty high school girls. Yes, all for $30 a day. I don't get a planning period, therefore any grading and planning is done on my own time. What bothers me is that other teachers, who don't make much themselves but WAY more than I do expect me to do things for them that is not really my job. Then, you find them in the teacher's lounge gossiping when I'm working my booty off for them on my own time. After 11:30, I don't get paid for my extra time. So, every day that I work over or that I come in on teacher work days is volunteer work. For example, the assistant principal snapped at me today because he wanted some pictures and I was not there to take them. I don't have to be! I asked him if he was going to pay me out of his pocket for me to stay. A big fat "NO."

After my 2nd class at the high school, I jump in my car and head to UNCP, which is 45 mins away. I'm trying so hard to get my teaching degree and I'm taking classes this semester that are upper level biology and education courses. In other words, the classes involve a ton of out of class assignments such as lab time, papers, and field experiences. I'm taking 2 online courses and if you've ever taken one, you know they are harder than on-campus courses. I was just informed today via email that one of my instructors wants our midterm papers EARLIER than the posted due date. He wants them (6 page paper on Educational Psychology) tomorrow by 5 pm. I think I'm going to pull my hair out.

Then, when I get home, the house is a mess. The husband, bless his heart, tries his best to help out, but he does more harm than good. He can't sort clothes, he hates doing dishes (we don't have a dishwasher), and general housework... you might as well forget it. He works so hard as a paramedic so he's on "go" all day, so when he gets home he wants to chill. HOWEVER, a dirty house is not a chill zone for either of us. This has caused several non-Christian like arguments over the past 3-4 months.

Just to get things done in a mediocre fashion, I've missed church for 2 weeks now. I feel really bad about that. Thanks goodness for my chickens. And thank you for allowing me to get that off of my chest.

Does anybody else have a crazy, crazy life so that I don't feel alone here?


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Oh girl .. soooooo familiar.

We're working fulltime, closing in on our house being finished, living in an apartment with 2 kids and 2 dogs. All our other critters are scattered out all over the county. I work all day, take off and drive to the ex-husbands house to feed my daughters rabbits (so kind of him to let them stay there, but we have to take care of them) .. then to the house site to check on progress and to take care of the chickens .. The horse is about 50 miles the other direction .. luckily I only have to take her feed once a week or so.

Add to that, grocery shopping, post office, feed stores, appliance shopping, going to the bank to sign papers, pick up checks, picking out countertops, paint colors, tile, carpet, hardwood ...

The kids are feeling forgotten, I'm feeling bad for that so I've let them slack on their chores .. the apartment is a freakin' wreck .. and looks like 10 lbs of stuff in a 5 lb can .. Like you said .. no place for relaxing in THAT mess.. And then the finger-pointing starts .. lol

We too had started using Sunday as our "catch-up" day .. at the cost of our spiritual health.. Sooooooo.... back to church we went last nite (Our church does a monday nite service) .. It was WONDERFUL!!

God first .. all other things will follow.

Peace to you, girl!

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Wow, thank goodness I've survived all of that. Prioritize! How essential is that job? I once had a supervisor who continually added responsibilities to me. Finally I asked "Why me?" He repllied, "Because You'll do it." Give yourself a bright light in the future. For me that would be my education. This was my way out. I dealt with being used only because it was a means to an end. When I was able to walk, I left and never looked back over my shoulder. When I moved on, I was offered more at that job than I was going to make at my new job. My reply, "No thanks!" Put that "Good Bye" in yourheadlights and work towards it. I guess what I am trying to say is that it is possible to endure alot as long as we can determine that it is not permanent. Good luck. Geo.

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