Stressed Chicks


May 26, 2020
I just got some new baby chicks yesterday and I was reading that when they are stressed, it causes them to get a pasty butt. But how am I supposed to know when the chicks are stressed? What do I do to calm them? Do different breeds require different things to calm them or no?
Do your chicks have a pasty butt? It's very common and I believe it has to do with the feed they consume and not being able to digest it properly. Just get a wet paper towel and clean it off.

As long as your chicks have enough room and a calm setting with a heat source and food and water, I see no reason why a chick would be stressed.
Main causes of stress would be something like getting shipped/moved to a new home, having a predator chase them around, etc. Really don't need to "calm" them but if you just got them, supplementing them with some vitamins/electrolytes/probiotics can help them recover from moving to a new home. Pasty butt is often associated with heat, so if you discover that's an issue, you may want to take a closer look at your set up to make sure chicks have adequate cool areas as well as warm areas.

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