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    Jan 11, 2010
    So last night we moved our flock into the new coop. This morning DH went out to peek at them and noticed they were all ganging up on a buff all bloody. We grabbed her out, saw her foot was bleeding and immediately isolated her to a cage. Her toe bled like madness and we weren't even sure it was all there! I grabbed the first aid kit and thank goodness we had a few things in there to help the wound. So DH held her, while I cleaned the wound, sprayed it with blue Kote, wrapped it in gauze and then wrapped it in vet wrap.
    I wish we had some blood stop but we picked it up today for next time.
    From what I can tell it was only the nail missing and only a little flesh gone. We put her in the porch for the day and she is doing so well. Shes eating, drinking and even standing. This afternoon we took the wrapping off and resprayed the blue kote.

    Anyway, the point here:
    Always have a first aid kit ready!
    Vet wrap is amazing! Best invention in the world!

    If I didn't have BYC, I probably would not know what to have in the first aid kit and what to do! Thank you [​IMG]
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    I'm glad your baby is doing well. [​IMG]
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    Poor little thing! Glad its doing better!

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