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10 Years
Nov 8, 2009
Hi. I'm new to chickens
We brought home five babies from the feed store today, but the brooder has been set up for several days beforehand.
Anyway, one of the babies is stretched out under the light, with the other four snuggled around her. There is plenty of room to get out of the light if she wants to, but I guess I'm a little nervous- is everything okay?
Also be aware they can fall asleep like THAT! *snaps fingers* Even falling asleep INTO their food, or water. (Which is why the waterer needs to be very shallow, or have rocks or marbles in it, so they don't drown.)

If they were piled up under the light and peeping a lot, that would mean they need the light closer. If they all scattered out of the light and panted, the light is too close.

Napping together, stretched out, is a good sign.
Thank you all for soothing me through that! They are certainly enjoying basking in the warmth and they are very sleepy babies- so cute. I am so thankful for this board and all the helpful people on it.
My 27 day old (will be 3 weeks tomorrow!!! Wow they grow fast!
) is so adorable when she's asleep in her brooder box.
She will sleep next to her giant mirror (it's in there to keep her company...she's an only child from a test hatch lol) and she will stretch out under the light with her wings just laying out and when she wakes up she will usually have pieces of her feed stuck to her face!
So cute! I've worried that she would drown in her water dish, but I made sure it wasn't too deep and she was fine. Now she's bigger and I'm not as worried because she can take care of herself better now.

Have fun with your chicks! You should get a picture of all of them sleeping together like that and post it here if you can.
I just got my first babies last weekend and I totally thought mine were dead when I walked in and saw them sleeping like that. LOL

I won't lie, I've still been poking them once in awhile just to make sure... I'm such a mother hen

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