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    Mar 4, 2013
    Hi everyone,

    We adopted our black otter netherland dwarf in July/Aug 2012. She has one eye that appears to be bulging and the other seems very sunken, her right side is generally less strong with her ear never straight like her left ear and her lip slightly out of sink and often drools. My question is can rabbits have strokes?
    We do not know how old she is and she is slowly becoming less active but still eating and drinking and still chases her friends mounting and telling them off so am not too worried about her, except that she is starting to slow and occastionally looks at me as if she is asking me for help.
    I am hoping to get her a vet appointment this week just wanted some input from fellow bunny lovers.

    Muffin came to us this way and we have never given her any special treatment as she was obviously coping with it.
    Its as I say just recently she hasnt been one hundred percent and not knowing her age makes this more difficult to know if she is just getting old or is actually unwell.
    Look forward to hearing from you
    Jamie and Muffin [​IMG]

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