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    Just a note to all BYC'rs. I have had the worst experience in a long time with Strombergs! I ordered a smaller incubator on 7/23/2010. I rec'vd my incubator by ups on 07/30/2010. Right off the bat I could tell someone (not ups) had been in the box. It was taped up with shipping tape. So, I proceeded to open the box, take out my bator to assemble. I got as far as the Thermostat and realized the parts were not there! No wafer, No wingnut, No Owl clips, and No handle screw. I called them and had their Rep Sherry on the phone and when I told her I had no Thermo she kept referring the the wafer. I corrected her twice by saying I do not have any parts at all to assemble nothing. They said they would overnight the piece to me. Next day I get it and at that point was actually feeling better about the Strombergs. Well All that was enclosed was owl clips and a wafer. Umm hello you can't operate the thermo without all PARTS! Of course they say they are open on Saturdays but, good luck b/c no one answers the phone. I sent 3 emails no response. I called twice on Monday and the only response I got was oh sorry I will look into it and get back to you. That was at 10am and when 3pm rolled around and no response I called back 2x. Both times the person said Sherry was not available. Which by the way the first call was Sherry I could tell by the voice. The third call I blocked my number from caller ID and when the Lady picked up i Said Sherry she said yes. I then asked about my parts. She told me was already shipped out and I was allset. Well, Tuesday UPS del'vy came and no parts. I emailed two times no response. I called 2x no answer straight to Voicemail. I left a message letting them know I was very unhappy about not getting the parts nor getting a returned phone call or email! This morning I get an email instead of a call back like I asked saying oh gee sorry but we sent it out first class and don't know when it will be there and no way to track it!

    So, Warning to all. Be wise when ordering and dealing with Strombergs!!

    I've already thrown out two dozen Lav Orp Project Eggs and a Dozen Silkie eggs today when I realized I wasn't getting my parts. Best part is their book states to use eggs within 6 days and pretty much that is the rule I've always used as far as fertility rate goes/depreciates after that. She proceeded to tell me Oh the Eggs last at least 10 days. Well I ordered this on 7/23/2010 and it is now 8/4/2010. That is 13 days! Granted I waited to save the eggs till Monday when I could track and see the bator was going to arrive on Friday the 7/30/2010 But today is the 10th day!

    I swear I will never use these guys again! And, sorry for the rant I am just so upset about throwing out my eggs! I could of sold them to eat or as fertile hatching eggs and made money. I guess Strombergs doesn't care about that.

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    Im so sorry that happened to you [​IMG]

    Well on here there might be someone who can hook up with you if that happens again,say they have room in their incubator,or you could make one of your own.We have and it works great.Too bad you are not down here in SC.We would have been glad to incubate your eggs while you get Stromberg by the ***.[​IMG]
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    Quote:Thank you, I'm just so upset over it and I feel like my girls work hard to pop out those eggs for my pleasure etc.... And, now they are in the garbage. I live in CT and I really don't know anyone around me with a bator. If I did I would have done that and thought about it but, no luck.
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    I just finished my BBB complaint and filed it just now. It will be interesting to see if now I get a returned phone call or email response??

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