Strong Nasal Exhale?


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May 24, 2012
Boston, MA Area
**Repost from Raiding Baby Chicks**

I am raising my first flock I have 6 - 2 Leghorns (6 weeks), 2 Buffs (6 weeks), 1 Plymouth Rock (3 weeks) , and 1 Mystery (3 weeks Comet?)

One of the Leghorns started to strongly exhale out her nose - no gunk, no sneezing, everything seems normal, and it is only occasionally. She started 2 days ago, no one else seems to do it. Because I am paranoid I put cider in her water, and also gave them some egg for extra protein. I also replaced all the bedding (which i do every 3rd day anyway) will be moving older chick to the coop end of this week.

I see no discharge, in any of them, bright eyed. I have only put them out in their brooder - yesterday they were out and it was cooler, and damper than usual.

Should I be worried for respiratory disease? They were vaccinated, I do not feed them medicated feed.

Any advice from a seasoned owner is very much appreciated.

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