Strong tasting eggs

I'm curious about this, if you don't mind.

When i was a kid, and we had farm eggs, they always had a strong taste.......a rich taste to me. And so i'm wondering, is it a strong egg yolk taste or a bad, something's nasty in my egg taste?

'Cause if it's a strong egg yolk taste, i want to find out what you're doing so i can copy it.
It is just a strong egg taste. It is not nasty, just kind of well, chickeny.

They do free range everyday for about 5 hours a day. They also have nutrena layer feed. I don't know what they are eating when they are out. A lot of grass,bugs and weeds I guess.
If they just started free ranging, I would say its just free range eggs. If they have been free ranging, but the taste just changed, I would say they have found a new food source such as the onions mentioned or something else.
Yep, I'd agree. You're just not used to the more "eggy" taste of free-range birds. They could be eating some onions or something though. Usually they won't eat smelly stuff like that anyway. If you are giving them flax seed, that can give the eggs a strong taste. Also, make sure you are not storing your eggs near something stinky in the fridge, as this can cause them to absorb stinky flavors. In the wintertime when it is cold, I just store mine out on our enclosed porch until freezing weather, then I put them in a cool place in our house. Then they don't have the chance to be stored near any strong odors (we don't have a fridge).
The thing is they have been free ranging all along. The eggs were fine until the last couple of weeks. I only supply nutrena layer feed, grit, and oyster shell. The only difference is I used to let them out to free range all day, and now I don't let them out until the afternoon. The reason for that is some of them were laying in the yard. Now I wait until after they are done laying. Other than that everything is the same.
i wonder if they can develop more "strength" in their flavor as the birds get more mature. like the pullet eggs just don't have it yet.

i'm really just asking here.

my pullet (sadly i lost her, so i don't know what would've happened) laid very not-strong eggs, and she free ranged 18 hours a day.

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