Struggling to clean mud balls from bantams feet :(

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    Hi all,

    My bantam has amassed these round balls at the end of her toes. I tried to grab her a few times over the last month but she is not a friendly one! Anyway, today I managed to grab her (she cant really escape anymore) and put her in a little cage with warm water at the base (to soak the balls). I left her to soak them for about 20 minutes and they did get a little softer but were still way too firm to pull off/scrape away.

    Is there any chicken-friendly type of soap that would help them fall off? They are really compacted and I'm worried about hurting her toes if I start using brushes/knives/scissors.

    Any advice would be fantastic.
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    I use a scissors.
  3. ChickensAreSweet

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    I have found if I soak them long enough they will come off by using my fingers to gently squish them then gently pull them off. I use warm water for the soak. I do use scissors also for the mud balls along the feathers.
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    Dawn detergent is highest in an ingredient called "surfactant". It causes water to be "wetter". Wildlife rescue teams use it to get crude oil spills off birds.

    Fill a small wash basin with two inches of very warm water and a squirt of Dawn. The mud ball should soften like magic. I use a fingernail brush on my chickens' feet.

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