Strutting Roaster Breed????


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9 Years
Apr 27, 2010
Ok. I saw a beautiful rooster today. He looked almost like a Black Copper Maran with those colors but wasn't a Copper. The owner didn't know what breed he was. She thought some sort of European. He strutted like I have never seen a chicken or rooster strut. I mean really strut. He picked his feet really high in his strut. That was his normal walk. It was unbelievable. His spears were huge. Does anyone know what kind or breed this rooster could be??? He was gorgeous. I wouldn't mind having one.
No he didn't. I am pretty sure it wasn't a Maran. I have Marans. Besides mine don't strut like that. I would say it is more like a prance.
Doubt it's because of his breed. My Delaware rooster struts pretty well himself sometimes. Also, scaly leg mites can make a rooster high step, believe it or not, which of course, is not a good thing.

See what I mean? And spurs will grow long if no one trims them. Isaac's are maybe three inches long now:
Wow! I didn't know you had to trim spurs. I am a green horn. I have only been doing this a couple years. Only first got one rooster a year ago but I have not seen anyone elses rooster do this or have spurs that long. If he had mites all the rest of the flock would have them. None of the rest did that.

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