Stubborn broody hen

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    May 22, 2013
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    I have a very stubborn broody hen. She's an easter egger and isn't a year old yet, but has decided that she is going to lay imaginary eggs on the nesting box. I caught her her first day doing it (I only have 4 chickens so it's pretty easy to catch different behavior!) and immediately removed her from the nesting box and put her in the run, alone. There is food and water in the run, a roosting bar and an overturned milk crate, but that's it. She sits on the overturned milk crate all day. At night, I allow her to return to roost with the other hens, but in the morning I put her back in the run. We are now at our 5th day of this. My other easter egger did the same thing a few weeks ago, but the broodiness broke in two days. This girl though, seems pretty determined to remain broody. The milk crate is high enough off the ground to cool off her chest, and uncomfortable enough that she shouldn't want to nest on top of it (but she still sits on top of it in that weird zen broody position). She's ripped all her breast feathers out and she already feels a lot lighter. When I let her out before bed, she will free range for a bit with the others and eat some. And she's eating in the run, but I'm concerned about just how long and how stubborn she's being considering I caught it so early.

    Any advice to break this stubborn broody hen?

    Thanks in advance!

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