Stubborn Broody Silkie Advise

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Clintypops, Dec 14, 2018.

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    Dec 14, 2018
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    Hi Guys,

    I know there is a lot of material on the site regarding broody hens and breaking them however I wanted some advise on my situation and what you would do.

    I have a silkie hen who went broody about 7 weeks ago. I removed any eggs from the coop daily and have been removing her from the nest box each day to make sure she gets out to eat and drink but she rushes back in after a couple of minutes and gets straight back into the nest box.

    I was hoping she would end the broodyness on her own accord after about 3 weeks but she has her own ideas on that and will not break on her own. I have read a few articles on breaking broody hens and most recommend a wire cage however my coop is only small and I can't fit wire cage in it. Also it's winter here and I don't want to leave her outdoors over night in cage as I don't think it would be very comfortable for her.

    I've tried to lock her out the coop in the day but she gets really antsy and frustrated and ends up getting really aggressive and attacking the others birds so I relent and let her in. I'm worried that she is putting alot of pressure and strain on her body with the broodyness and would like to get her out of it. Do you think it is safe to continue letting her get on with it and hope she comes out of it on her own eventually ?

    If not what method would you suggest for trying to get her out of this mindset?
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    She will break on her own when she loses enough weight. Whether it causes any problems is anyone's guess. Silkies go broody repeatedly throughout the year, and are the only breed I had go broody in winter. You are going to have to figure something out to break her repeatedly. I personally block off my nestboxes when I want to break my bantams.

    Another thing to be aware of is silkies are also more prone to troubles with external parasites when broody, so you need to watch that too.
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    You could always try the wire crate in a garage or other secure structure that is the relative same temperature as the coop.
    I had a broody in winter with no eggs to even sit on. I didn't have a way to separate her with her own water as it needs to be heated to stay in liquid form. In the end I removed the nest boxes until she got the idea. Even that was difficult as she tried to just brood on the floor instead.

    You can try putting her on the roost after dark so she wakes up there in the morning.

    They can be very stubborn when they want to brood.
    I blocked off the boxes... she decided on top was just as good.
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    One of mine is quite broody, I always remove the eggs, also have to take her out about 5 times a day. And have to use a towel and gloves because she's a biter. I may try blocking it off soon as its exhausting to always keep her out, and when she freaks out (sometimes runs around looking for the eggs) I just put a fake one in until she calms down, and then take it out again later.

    I use the towel to help me carry her further away from the coop. I have food and water set up for her already and shade, and make sure the other chickens are out of the way when I do this so it helps her get a little distracted, eat some food, drink a bit and forage for a little while before she finally makes her way back to brood.
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    Haha I love the fact your hen just decided to brood on top of the box. I can't believe I just didn't think to block off the nest box, that's a much easier solution. So this morning I've gone out and blocked it off much to the broody's frustration and verbal protest. I think it's doing the job though cause I've see her out and about more then usual. Just hope she doesn't try brooding on the floor of the coop or start giving the others a hard time cause she is frustrated.

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