Stubborn chicks?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by rulucky, Jan 28, 2013.

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    Dec 20, 2012
    I have a mix of brown egg laying hens that are six weeks old (14 of them). I raised them from day old chicks. Four weeks in the house in a brooder, then the past two weeks they have been in their 3x5 outside coop. It is completely enclosed and has a heat lamp in it. Two days ago I opened their door to the run and moved their food and water to the run also. Within a half hour of opening the door they all came out to the run. That night they were all still in the run right at dark so I picked them all up and put them inside. They stayed there all night. Today they all came out in the morning and have been there all day..Now its dark and they are all laying down under their coop as if they are gonna spend the rest of the night there. It will only get into the 40's tonight so it shouldnt be too cold for them...but should I pick them up and put them in myself every night until they go on their own..or just leave them to decide?

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    First question, How warm is it in the coop? They might be getting to warm now that they are producing their own heat.

    Second they might like the natural calming of the darkness.

    Third they may need to learn how to go in and out, i never had a chicken that didn't seek shelter at night, but maybe being under the coop feels safe.

    I would put one of them part way in and let them deside at that point if the one goes in the rest will follow, if the one turns around then leave them out, as long as it is not windy they will be fine. but they still need to learn.
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    Dec 20, 2012
    Tonight would actually be great weather for them to be outside. The area they are in is closed in on three sides and is probably comfortable for them. I dont think the coop is too hot b/c its large enough that half of it is at ambient temp. which is about 65 now. So I think I will try like you said and put one of them on the ramp near the door and let her decide what she wants to do....Thanks for the advice.

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    Something else to remember is these babies are really too young to want to roost. They're still of an age to huddle together on the ground.

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