Stubborn Perchers!

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    Jul 20, 2014
    I know this has been discussed previously as I have been reading them, but none seem to cover my problem!
    I have 4 girls I bought that had never had the opportunity to perch in their entire lives as they lived in an open run, but I have provided them with perches of various heights made from tree branches, in and out of the run.
    But will they perch on them? Will they heck!!
    They continue to huddle on the floor and out of cover. How on earth can I break this habit?

    They are not used to being handled so I am a little worried about picking them up and putting them on the perches at night, or will they allow me too if its dark?

    I really need to get this problem sorted before the cold weather sets in.

    Any ideas??
  2. My hens had a choice between perches and shelving, and they all chose the wider shelves that they can lie down on to sleep. I have had three different age groups and they all prefer the wider shelves, so I took the perches out and put in more shelves.
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    Jun 4, 2014
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    I would try and pop them onto the perches under the cover of darkness.

    Let them have an hour of darkness first so they are all sleepy, take a torch with you (even better if you take someone to hold the torch!) and quietly, calmly, pick them up one by one and put them next to each other on a wide-ish perch.

    Hopefully they will be accepting of it. It may take a few nights to get them used to the idea, but even my flightiest bird will let me pick her up when she's half asleep!

    Good luck!

    - Krista
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