Stubs: Toughest Chicken on Earth


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Nov 16, 2007
Southern Indiana
I picked up two silkie roosters yesterday to keep my ladies in line and provide me with baby silkies
I picked up Stubs from Justusnak int he afternoon, and was home by early evening with him. This is what transpired.

The Players:
The Buffs: A trio of gender ambigous Buff Opringtons
DuDa: An OEGB that came from the pound. She's mean as a snake and hates all other chickens on the planet.
Pacifist Chicken: A black Silkie rooster
Stubs: Baddest chicken on the planet. He's a partridge Silkie rooster with no toes. (They were lost to an abusive situation)

Can I just tell you that i love Stubs?

I get the two boys home last night, and put the cat carriers in the coop. Open the door slowly. The girls are all gathered round making those curious chicken noises.. sounds like "Ooer, what's this then? What IS that?" Stubs come rocketing out like a bat outta hell, and then stops in the middle of the floor. Looks around. Puffs up his neck. And starts eating.

One of the buffs comes over to inspect him and gets up in his face staring. Won't look away- she's moving her face in front of his and trying to stare him down. He pecks her on the top of the head. There was much bawking and complaining and running in circles. She sulks off, and comes back 5 minutes later to try again. This time she puffs up her neck and starts chest bumping him while doing the stare down thing. He takes his little stumps and soundly flogs her a few times and gives her a right peck on the head. She backs off to sulk some more. He gets a "Hmpf. G'wan then" attitude and goes back to his scratch. In the meantime the other roo is just trying to look as inconspicuous as possible and not draw attention to himself. I've since discovered that he's a pacifist. Poor thing.

There was a brief altercation between he and Stubs, only because Stubs just wouldn't let it go. He HAD to show him that he was the man of the house. So there was some half hearted posturing and flogging, interspersed with eating with necks puffed up. Flog, flog, peck flog, peck peck, flog peck, jump up and down, peck, run off the buff that's trying to interfere and get some pecks of her own in. ("You shut yer mouth when men are talking!"). It was the most entertainment i've had in forever. Stubs is the man.

DuDa is on the top of the coop the whole time complaining and sqwaking and growling like mad, until I shunted her in the backside with a broom handle. She wanted at Stubs and Pacifist Chicken. Until now she's been the head bully in charge (which is why she's free ranging and the girls are safely locked away from her).

Stubs was the last one in after dark, and he pranced around cooing until everyone was settled in. The other boy meanwhile had been asleep on the roost for about 20 minutes. He came on in and nestled up between a couple of teenagers and let Stubs handle everything. So I left the barn and turned out the light, and Stubs was standing in the middle of the sleeping girls (most still sleep on the floor) watching me.

So now I have to find a new name for Pacifist Chicken. His name WAS to be John Shaft, but he's no Shaft. More like Ghandi.


11 Years
Mar 2, 2008
well that was fun to read.....chicken society is so fun to be a part of even as observers

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