Stuck in her throat?

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    Sep 4, 2016
    My Polish Chicken has been acting funny since I let her outside on Thursday.
    She's been making gagging motions, not talking, and having trouble eating.
    When I found her on Thursday she was in a pile of leaves, coughing and wheezing.

    Should I try opening her mouth and looking for some stuck grass or something?
    Please respond quickly. The other chickens are picking and her!!! ;-;
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    May 3, 2016
    You probably want to separate her ASAP so the others don't pick at her. it's natural for chickens to peck a weak/sick flockmate.

    Have you checked to see if there's anything in her throat? Otherwise there are all sorts of respiratory things chickens can catch.

    Are any of the others sick?
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    Also, feel her crop? Is it full and hard, soft and squishy or empty? Does her breath smell. Bring her into a warm place away from the other chickens as they could seriously injure or kill her and place her in a box (a large cardboard box will do) in semi darkness so that she can relax once you have checked her over. It may help to compare the feel of her crop with that of your other chickens so that you have some idea of what is normal.
    From your description of her breathing it may be that she has a mould infection in her lungs called aspergillus particularly if she was foraging in mouldy dead leaves. Hopefully that is not the case and it is something more easily treatable. Gape worm is another possibility. Crop problems like impaction or sour crop can cause them to cough and kind of yawn and snake their neck, so it's important to check everything and be as specific as you can about what you find..
    Making her as comfortable as possible, is the first step and taking note of all her symptoms. If you have some eucalyptus oil you might like to try a couple of drops of that in a cup of hot water in the box with her to help open her airways....make sure she can't tip the hot water over herself or better still get some VetRX.

    Good luck. I hope it isn't as serious as it sounds.
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