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Mar 18, 2018
Not my first time posting, just been awhile...

This is my second time raising store bought chicks (purchased at 2 days old). My two EE girls are now 3.5 weeks old. They have been brooding with a momma heating pad which they loved brooding under, spending more and more time away from momma. I've followed the 95 degrees, then reduce 5 degrees each week formula.

At 2.5 weeks they started roosting on their bar at night ( 12 in high) instead of sleeping under momma (even with recommended heat). I am keeping them in our unheated bedroom which got down to 57 degrees in the room last night, yet they still roosted on the bar instead of staying on the heat.

I have been taking them outside on sunny days 40-50 degrees and they love it. Yesterday I put them outside for 3 hrs in 43 degree temp (shielding from winds) and they didn't act cold at all. Their feathers seem a lot thicker at this age than the others I brooded last fall. It's been around 40/20 degrees current day/night temps.

I'm surprised how hearty and healthy these two are without needing as much heat as what has been recommended for as young as they are. They are being moved to the outdoor coop brooder tomorrow with their momma pad, until they consistently show they don't use it. I'll keep it on for them as they adjust to the outdoor brooder temps, but with my first batch it was turned off at 5 weeks because they didn't use it even with freezing temps. Seems both batches of chicks are more resilient to cold than what has been suggested, although they are not the delicate breeds.

Does anyone else have chicks that don't seem to need as much heat? My first batch are now 6 Mos old and healthy as can be in our 0 degree weather (no heat, but great ventilation - BR, leg horn, red and black sex links)
I think that the heating pad is supposed to have that effect because of the harsher temperature gradient. The peeps simply aren't as dependent on a controlled temperature and they go back under when they're too cold. It's supposed to mimic a broody hen that way.

I had four 3-week old peeps running around in below-freezing weather (they were being raised under a broody) this past fall. They're all alive and happy now.

It's nice that you have such healthy chicks!

EDT: And welcome to BYC! (possibly again. You're re-joining?)

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