Study of Indian Blue peafowls in New Zealand. Updated.

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    I studied the Indian Blue peafowls in New Zealand, they are mostly kept by people, but there are feral birds that been shot as pest.

    Breeding season November to January.

    Moult season August of 1st year to September of 2nd year.

    Peachicks in their 2nd month of age on March. Hatching month: January.

    In New Zealand the adult peacock start to moult the primaries on November and shed the train on February and it take 8 months to reach fully length, fully grown by September.

    On 16th January one alive adult male had new primaries 1st-2nd and 2/3 grown growing P.3rd and growing P.4th. P. 5th to 10th were old. Train feathers and tail feathers were all old and not in moult.

    On 12th March one alive adult male had new primaries 1st -5th and 2/3 grown growing P.6th and growing P 7th and 8th. P. 9th & 10th were old. This bird was 3 year-old, by earlier moult season and had 1/4 grown growing train, with train feather tips 18 c.m. from tip of real tail feathers.

    On 24th March 2012 the alive 3-year-old adult male peacock in new 3rd adult plumage, have new primaries 1st-6th and 3/4 growing P. 7th and 1/4 growing P. 8th and P.9 in pin., been shed on 8th March 2012. P.10th were old and due to shed on 25th March 2012, and primary 10th will be fully grown on 12th June 2012. The central tail feathers 1st & 2nd are in pins and less than 100mm from skin. The 3-year-old peacock had 2nd adult plumage, with 6 eyes on plain green train on austral springtime 2011, before start to moult its old primary 1st on about 19th August.

    On 20th May 2011 the shot adult male had new primaries 1st-5th, with growing P. 6th to 8th. Old P.9th were going to shed in 2 days time (22nd May) when pin is 1 c.m. P.10th is old and will shed in 20 days time (10th June), with P.10th (outermost) take 80 days to regrow, finish on 30th August. Been shed primary 1st on about 2nd November 2010. (220 days between shedding of P1st and shedding of P.9th)
    Tips of growing train were 13 c.m from tip of 566 c.m. central old tail 1st which had shed the day the bird were shot. Tail 1st take about 80 days to regrow.

    One shot adult male on October and on 11th September 2011 an one freshly dead adult male had fresh plumage and no moults and on October adult male peafowl, the train tips were 86 c.m. from tips of real tail feathers 1st. Tip of central tail feathers 1st were 54 c.m. from tip of rump feathers which are next door to shortest innermost train feathers.
    The heart is 54 m.m. x 32m.m. shaped like a pear and the testies were 40m.m. x 15m.m. and getting bigger. The skull were 93 m.m. from tip of beak, to back of skull.

    In my three study birds on 25th March 1994 to 8th December 1995. One male peachicks and two female peachicks.
    During post juvenile moult, male took 222 days from shedding juvenile P.1st to when new immature P.10 is fully grown, and during post immature moult the same male took 324 days from shedding immature P.1st to when new 1st adult P. 10th is fully grown. Head feathers are the last feathers to be replaced, with last white juvenile chin feathers been shed 395 days later after shedding immature P.1st. At 20th month old the head and neck feathers were all blue immature feathers, mixed with 1st adult blue feathers and free of white feathers on chin. Post 1st adult moult started 72 days later after 1st adult P.10th were fully grown, and 101 days later the 1st adult P.4th were shed., at same time the 2nd adult P.1st-2nd were fully grown.
    Adult post breeding moult duration: 300 days for fully adult male peafowls to renew 10 primaries.
    Immature P. 1st took 58 days to regrow, during post juvenile moult and 1st adult P.1st took 86 days to regrow.
    Immature P. 10th took 69 days to regrow, and 1st adult P. 10th took 73 days to regrow.
    Adult P. 10th take 80 days to regrow.
    Juvenile, immature, 1st adult flight feathers grow at 4 mm daily growth per day.

    The train were not heavy to hold with your hand as feathers were light and the peacocks don't feel much stress, and capable of flying fast at 40 k/m, the 20 greyish brown tail feathers were used as rudder and brake, the train remain closed and trail behind bird as bird flies.

    32 Crown feathers were 55m.m., with bases were buried 4m.m. deep in skin and the feather shafts were bare of webs, expert for tips...they were like "flowers" on head.

    Had thick downy feathers and thicker plumage allowed peafowls to lives down to temperature -10oC.

    Peafowls are most intelligent of game birds, at same intelligence as Canada geese. Mother peahen allogrooms the chicks and father peacocks and mother peahen show foods to chicks by pick the food and hold the food for chick to pick & eat. Peachicks are brooded often by mother peahens.

    There are four immature plumages: juvenile, immature, 1st adult, 2nd adult.

    1) juvenile plumage last from hatching to @ 8 month old.
    2) immature plumage last from 27 days old to 28 months old.
    3) 1st adult plumage, like adult, but barred rump, back and short barred train, from 7 month-old to 1 1/2 year old.
    4) 2nd adult plumage, like adult, but short entirely green train.
    Domestic peacocks in 2nd adult plumage, had breeding for 1st time, capable of fathering the peachicks.
    5) 3rd adult plumage: Fully adult & breeding for 1st time in wild peacocks.

    Late juvenile feathers look like immature feathers, while late immature feathers look more like 1st adult feathers. 1st adult belly feathers do not have white on feathers.

    I been studying on few longest peafowl train feathers, and found the train feathers grow at 7mm per day.
    One 1537mm train feather take 225 days to regrow.
    The longest train feathers of adult male peafowl, take 240 days to regrow, the longest train feathers had "fish tail" on tips.

    0n 11th September this year, I had collected the three shot peafowls...two 1- year-old male peafowls and an one 1-year-old peahen from my friend, and I been studying them.
    They start their wing moults on August and most birds had 1/2 grown primary 1st, but no tail moult and no train moult and in early stage of body moult, with most old feathers and few growing feathers. No crown moult. None of these 1-year-old peafowls are in breeding season as their sex parts were small, in males-very small 13mm to 15mm X 3mm, like a rice grain, while female had 25mm X 10mm, with biggest egg being 4mm. Peahen start to breed when they are 32 months old. 1-year male's heart: 50mm X 30mm.
    Peafowls are strong flier and strong birds, with colour of breast muscles same as for pleasants, in colour being dark pink and yellow skin.
    Both central tail feather 1st and longest train feather of 1st adult plumage, are 505mm, from a 1-year-old peacock.
    These two male birds were 20-months-old, by moult patten in flight feathers and barred short train feathers.
    Male 1-year-old peafowls had leg spurs 15 mm, while one female 1-year-old peafowl had leg spurs 9 mm.

    Body length of 1-year-old peafowls:

    one male 1125 mm
    one female 955 mm

    I measured them from tip of beaks, to tip of tail feathers.

    Peafowls of both sexes, had yellow bodyfat on back & rump, where train feathers grow from, and had a small oil grand.

    I had updated this study again by corrected the wing moult duration of adult IB male peafowls, from 370 days, to 300 days, but I may re-correct my mistakes again once I get more informations about moults of IB peacocks.

    Also well fed peacocks kept by humen, tends to have shorter moult durations than wild peacocks.

    A immature male Bronze domestic turkey living in a farm, took 160 days to renew from all old immature flight feathers, to all new adult flight feathers, while adult male wild and feral turkeys take 180 days to renew all flight feathers, start in springtime and finish in autumntime.

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    Very good study thanks for posting.
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    Hi zazouse,
    Thankyou for welcome me. I had updated my study...about 4 immature plumages of peafowls.

    I am still waiting for members to send me the photoes.

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    Interesting information, sure do like reading studies like that, too bad the studied birds were dead. I have a black-shouldered pair but there's no way for me to take pics of the flight feathers that you are wanting....I don't handle them. Hopefully someone can get you some pics...
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    I had updated the study of peafowls moults. I wrote about during post-juvenile moult, the peachicks took 222 days to renew their primary feathers from 1 month old to 9 month old and during post-immature moult, the immature peafowls took 324 days to renew their flight feathers from 5 months to 20 months old.
    At 20 months old the chin feathers are all blue, free of white feathers. Head feathers are last feathers to moult & renew.
    I think total moult of 10 orange primaries of adult male peafowls may be about 370 days (not exactly) to renew.

    Problem is I did not know the exact age of male peachick when male peachick start to shed the juvenile primaries 1st (innermost primary feathers).

    Age in days when male peachick start to shed juvenile innermost primary flight feathers- P.1st, need data / study and I appreciate members help in supply me the information about age of peachick shedding P.1st.

    P. is short name for primary flight feathers (orange coloured in adult male peafowls).

    Do look at my study as I will still update from time to time.




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